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Unsung Hero Mike Amos wants to ‘make the world right’ with Good Neighbors

If you’re one of the hundreds of families who have picked up food at the Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors this year, then you can thank Mike Amos.

Amos has been a volunteer for the unit since he retired in 2014 after a 45-year career with Goodyear. “I went in when I was 18, I worked 22 years in the factory on the hourly side, was laid off for two years and came back as a truck driver,” he said. After a company chauffeur retired in 1991, he got the driver’s salaried job and continued working until 2014 as a service car driver. “I saw both sides. I saw the factory side and the executive side,” he said. “I worked for five different chairmen during my service car driving days.”

Source: BeaconJournal.com
Source: Karen Schiely, Akron Beacon Journal

Good Neighbors helping families for the holidays

Mary Fair, a volunteer with Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors, arranges donated toys Dec. 15 to be given to families in need as Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors hosts a Christmas drive-thru program where they provide food, clothing and gifts for families in need.

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